Instant - Mobile - Free conference calls to anyone, anywhere


Free BLAP-to-BLAP conference calls – welcome to the easiest and cheapest way to make group conference calls.


BLAP is jam-packed full of features as well – no pin, single touch entry, single touch re-join, instant or scheduled calls, call recording and in-App playback.


You can also use it to call people who aren’t “On BLAP” – mobiles or landlines, nationally or internationally. How cool is that?






BLAP Makes Conference Calls Painless..


  • No Dial-in, No Pins

  • Instant or Scheduled conference calls

  • Doesn’t require a constant data connection (it’s not voIP!)

  • Easy group dialling

  • Create and manage re-usable groups of contacts

  • Call recording and playback

  • Single-touch answer and enter

  • Single-touch conference rejoin

  • Call history with participant list

  • Call Non-BLAP numbers (mobiles or landlines)

  • Dynamic conference bridges

BLAP Conference Calls - Instant.Mobile.Free

Download today and get a 30 day Free trial with the ability to make group calls to anyone, anywhere, across any device.


"Empowering workers with mobile collaboration capabilities through smart devices, personal cloud sharing and mobile apps is a smart move for organizations to innovate in the workplace and stay competitive" - Gartner