What’s BLAP

Simple, Mobile,
Group Calls

BLAP makes it easy to set up group calls with
anyone, anywhere, directly from your phone.


BLAP Features


Create Instant Calls

Need to talk to multiple people immediately? Select the participants from your phone address book and create an Instant BLAP Call to connect them all in.

Create and Manage Groups

Use existing contacts in your smartphone and add them to BLAP Groups. Manage and edit the name of your Group and the Group participants quickly and easily and then opt to call immediately or schedule a call to that Group. Once created Groups can be “re-used” at any point or deleted completely.

Re-use Participant Lists

Select a call in the Call History tab, view the participants and with one click select to re-use them for a call. Add new participants or drop existing to tailor the call so you’re always dialing the most relevant people.




Schedule Calls to multiple participants or a BLAP Group

Select the participants or BLAP Group you want to call then select date, time, call title and call duration then sit back and relax. BLAP will call YOU to initiate the Group Call as well as all other participants removing the need for entering 64 digit pin numbers or waiting for others to dial in.

Calendar Invites

On creation of a scheduled call BLAP will automatically send calendar invites to call participants (BLAP Users or those who have an email address in your phone address book).



Call History and Recordings

See which members of the BLAP Group participated in the call with simple identification icons against each member of the Group. Click to play a recording of the call directly on your phone so you never miss an important point again.

Share Recordings

Choose which call participants to share the recording of the call with and even share it with those who didn’t answer.

Keyword Searching

With BLAP you can search a call recording for keywords.


With BLAP you can have calls transcribed.



Re-join a Call in Progress

If you drop off from a Group Call half-way through simply hit a single button to re-join the call and BLAP will automatically detect the Group Call you were participating in and reconnect you.

Call Non-BLAP mobiles and landlines across the world

Need to speak to people who haven’t got BLAP? Just select them as participants – mobile or landline – and we’ll do the rest. Our network partnerships mean we can route calls to participants around the world.


Tutorial Videos