User Benefits

VENNCOMM’S user interface has been designed with the user in mind, drawing from the best of Android and iOS operating systems to produce an easy to use front end that makes business communication effortless.

Secure Recorded 121 Calls, SMS and Chat

Making 121 calls, SMS or chat using VENNCOMM’s solution is incredibly intuitive. Select from frequently used numbers or chat direct from the front menu, or draw from both your personal and business contacts, VENNCOMM intuitively merges with both to make for easy communication.

Track previous conversations by simply tapping the relevant conversation and playing back, or use secure chat to communicate internally, with secure full file transfer ability, and the ability to record all SMS communication.

For personal use, no personal calls, chats or SMS are recorded and the user can rest assured they have privacy when needed.

Guaranteed Least Cost Routing - Save international costs

Using VENNCOMM as your provider means all calls, whether to one person, or to 100, are guaranteed least cost routed meaning they use provided local minutes for all calls, so calling abroad now becomes a low cost or free local call.

Compliant Recorded Conference Calls

Conference calls, love them or hate them, are an absolutely essentially element of business communications in the 21st Century.

While many people may roll their eyes, they can be an extremely effective form of communication, but they are marred by most services not being optimised for a mobile lifestyle.

The VENNCOMM solution is brilliantly simple, and provides carrier grade quality with ease of use. No more PINS, no more forgetting calls, no more terrible VoiP connections, and a simple platform agnostic scheduling service that works with your calendar. Unlike other conference systems VENNCOMM also records in line, so each person speaking is compliantly and separately recorded.

No PIN Conference Calling - Making it easy with one touch carrier grade calling

Using VENNCOMM’s solution, users can schedule, join, and use the conference service in a simple mobile friendly way. Set up calls to as many people as you like from your contacts at the touch of a button, and dial instantly all participants if needed. Alternatively schedule a call and a platform agnostic invite is sent to all participants, which they can accept or reject as normal, and they are called at the scheduled time, removing the risk of forgetting the call. If the user declines, for example when running late, they can dial in later with one touch, if they get disconnected, they can dial back in with one touch, and the call is recorded in app for easy playback.

No PINS, no struggling to re connect, just seamless easy calling.

VoIP Conference Calls - Why is the quality so bad?

Unlike with traditional conference calls, VoIP calls have to be converted into packets which are then delivered and unpacked. This means that the further the call has to travel, the lower the quality of the call will be.

This is because the further the distance, the more routers the packet has to travel through, each one decreasing the quality of the call.

Even in the age of high speed internet connects, VoIP conference calls which are routed via the public internet will typically be of a much lower quality than via secured corporate networks.

For example, if you tried to organise a multi-user conference call via Skype, you will probably experience quality issues the more dispersed your participants are.

As VENNCOMM uses carrier grade GSM it is not data dependent and as long as there is a mobile signal, you can make your call. No data, no problem.

Problems with Conference Calls - Avoid high charges for you and your clients

Many conference call services offer dial in numbers that charge you and your clients higher rates, using VENNCOMM as your conference provider avoids these charges.

VENNCOMM TALK also offers additional services such as call recording, keyword searches and call transcripts which ensure that VENNCOMM TALK users are able to review any conference calls at their leisure – even if they are unable to participate.

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