In today’s complex communications’ world, having a robust and sustainable MDM programme is more essential than ever before. Although a company’s BYOD and COPE policies can provide employees with guidance, they do not offer the automatic safeguards that offer true protection against mobile or monitoring misuse. Mistakes can happen and if they breach compliance regulations or an individual’s right to privacy, they can be costly indeed.

That’s why VENNCOMM TALK® is a one-stop solution for companies looking to take total control of their MDM procedures and statutory obligations. The app’s core configuration – clearly separating work and personal use of a single mobile device – prevents leakage between private and commercial use of the same phone. And if a compliance query should arise, its automated, HD-quality recording of all work-related voice, SMS and chat usages provides instant access to the data records that regulatory authorities might demand. One app, multiple solutions – problem solved!

The Benefits


When it comes to compliance procedures, data retention and retrieval are key to satisfying regulatory authorities’ potential demands. At the same time, however, over-draconian monitoring of an employee’s use of a mobile device can lead to problems the other way round. Put simply, if you capture employees’ personal communications on a device, you breach their privacy rights.

Simplicity & Segregation

VENNCOMM TALK® has been specifically developed with its core audience in mind – the employees who will actually use it to separate their work and personal use of the same mobile device. Simplicity and familiarity are therefore key to successful adoption, and that’s why we’ve created an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that mirrors the functionality of the most popular (consumer) operating systems.

Accuracy & Immediacy

If a compliance issue should arise, the speed and thoroughness of your response can be crucial in achieving a successful outcome. Full disclosure means full disclosure, even if a regulator’s time-frame is urgent to say the least!

Our VENNCOMM TALK Compliance Pack, answers this need via an ‘instant access’ analytics suite that offers real-time retrieval of all related files – be they text, chat or voice recordings.

Branding & Number Retention

Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the fundamental challenges facing major corporations in the modern age. Over and above remuneration and benefit packages, VENNCOMM TALK® offers significant advantages in this respect, helping corporations protect and promote their employees’ welfare in terms of privacy and best working practices.

Flexibility & Cost Controls

VENNCOMM TALK® gives CFOs and accounts departments finger-tip control of their comms and compliance costs in five key ways.

First and foremost, there are no CAPEX costs at the outset. Because VENNCOMM TALK® has been developed as an OTT app, it works seamlessly with existing iOS, Android and Blackberry systems. There are no set-up or integration costs to account for: the app is ready to go when you are.

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