BYOD the best way forward

According to industry estimates, some 60%-70% of companies allow or are considering allowing the use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mobile devices in the workplace. Increased adoption of BYOD as a ‘better business practice’ is driven by many factors, not least corporate cost savings and employee endorsement of such usage.

In consequence, many organisations have developed thought-through and well-policed BYOD policies detailing the intended splits between work and personal use of modern-day communication devices – be they PCs/laptops/tablets and/or mobiles. Even so, the integration of BYOD within a company’s communications platform is not without risk!

Put simply, bans can be broken, rules forgotten, and guidelines treated as well-intended advice rather than mandatory instructions. To err, after all, is human – accidentally or otherwise.

BYOD polices are most vulnerable when it comes to the use of personally-owned mobiles for work purposes where the boundaries between office and private use are more easily blurred. In heavily-regulated industries, this can be particularly acute as incomplete record-keeping of financial transactions can lead to costly and damaging compliance issues. And the seemingly obvious solutions to the problem are non-starters on legal, employee-adoption and cost grounds.

Firstly, corporate recordings of all calls and messages on a mixed-use device are illegal on privacy and data protection grounds. (And even without such legislation, there would be massive employee dissatisfaction at such Big Brother eavesdropping.) And the opposite approach – banning personal phones in the workplace – is problematic too. Companies adopting such a policy are burdened with much higher equipment, insurance and IT costs than those taking the BYOD pathway. (And again, there is the risk of employee dissatisfaction due to the inconvenience of using two devices when they clearly favour their own!)

What’s needed is a third way forward – a clear, controlled and accountable divide between work and personal use of the same mobile device. And that’s where VENNCOMM TALK® comes in.

Specifically developed with ‘dual persona’ business needs in mind, our super-fast, multi-functional, OTT corporate dialling and chat app allows the import of a dedicated business number on an employee’s personal device, providing a robust barrier between commercial and private use of the same phone. With automatic recording and retrieval of all work calls and chats, VC-TALK improves MDM procedures whilst ensuring that organisations can meet regulatory compliance checks with the minimum of fuss.

Or to put it more simply, VC-TALK provides the safeguards for BYOD that have been missing so far!

So, if worry about such safeguards has been holding you back from adopting BYOD as a communications platform, perhaps we should talk? Our solutions are cost-effective, totally scalable and user-friendly in the extreme. Call 03450 582313 now. We’re always happy to help.

Beyond BYOD: Making VC-TALK work harder for your Company

VENNCOMM TALK’s® OTT corporate dialler app provides a clear divide between work and personal use of the same mobile device. With separate dialler, separate number, separate call-log, and automatic recording of all work-related calls, chats and texts, there’s no leakage between private and commercial use of the same phone. And that provides a one-shop solution for companies wanting to improve their MDM practices while safeguarding their BYOD procedures.

Best practice for BYOD

Although VENNCOMM TALK® represents a major step forward in securing and ‘containerising’ the use of personal mobile devices for workplace tasks, it should not viewed as an alternative to the formulation of robust and sustainable BYOD policies. It should be seen, instead, as a supplement, safeguard and on-going support to the development and implementation of such policies in the first place.

The user experience

There is no doubt that people form extraordinary bonds with their mobile phones in the modern day - their functionality and features becoming an integral part of our work and personal lives. That’s why any overlay app used for dual-persona BYOD purposes has to be as intuitive, easy-to-use and efficient as the most popular operating systems. And this is where VENNCOMM TALK® comes into its own.

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