Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies can be described as very small files (text strings to be more exact), which are stored on your device, usually in your browser directories. They work in a way, that when a particular website is visited, a web server running your visited site sends a cookie which your browser receives and simply stores locally. A cookie is stored and accessed by a web browser which is able to retrieve and identify any potential web content that might be tailored to your specific preferences, based on your previous visits.

To provide you with an example, cookies can serve a function of being able to remember previously entered form information such as your username, analyse the current website’s performance and even automatically recognise your preferred products and services. All of which to improve your web interaction in the purpose of providing you with a better experience.

2. Why does VENNCOMM use cookies?

The main justification of why we use cookies is to be able to provide every single website visitor with an increased and more customised functionality and a better user experience. Our cookies also allow us to collect anonymous information of how our website visitors navigate around and use the site in order to help us to improve our virtual experience offering, which might result in our website being more usable and enjoyable to be on.

We would like to mention, that all of the gathered information by our cookies does not contain any of your personal information but only the anonymous data which we cannot distinguish to identify separate individuals.

3. What kind of cookies does VENNCOMM use?

We use two types of cookies on our website. The first group of cookies we use are called ‘Necessary Cookies’ which are essential for a proper functioning of our website. They are critical for us to be able to provide you with a variety of services included on our website. To evaluate, they might help our website to remember your products and services selections in your online shopping chart as you navigate around the website.

The second group of cookies we are using are called ‘Functional Cookies’. They help us to remember your site preferences to make it easier to navigate around our portal. This specific group of cookies can improve your experience and even save you time as your previously entered forms would be remembered.

4. What if I do not want to accept cookies from VENNCOMM?

In case you would prefer to restrict or completely block the acceptance of cookies from your visited websites, you can always do so by adjusting your browser’s settings. Please keep in mind, that in case you would like to allow cookies only form a selected number of websites, you can always add them to the ‘Trusted Websites’ in the options section of your Internet browser. As each browser is a little bit different, we strongly recommend checking the ‘Help’ section of your specific browser in order to find out of how to apply the above settings.

5. More Useful Resources

In case you would like to find out more helpful information about cookies, please visit some of the following websites:

Additionally, please find the below links to a couple of popular web browsers and their specific settings in regards to the cookie management.


Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer: