VENNCOMM TALK was designed for organisations looking to provide regulatory compliance for all communications across all devices, including personal devices used for work under BYOD policies, while minimising costs through our proprietary least-cost-routing technology.

With significant challenges around time stamps and recording, one of the largest headaches for compliance managers has been how to ensure that SMS messages between employees and clients remain compliant, and that messages on personal devices are also captured.

To answer that conundrum, we have launched a messaging feature, VENNCOMM TALK Chat which offers users the chance to send messages, including images and files, via our app to other individuals or groups who are also using VENNCOMM TALK. Unlike SMS, the communications are time stamped and captured in the compliance pack for alerts and/or compliance analytics fully meeting MiFID II requirements.

This new feature behaves in the same way as SMS, although there are no SMS charges as all communications are sent via the app using your data allowance.

This means there are no more extortionate MMS charges for sending images, and all communications are sent via our unique least-cost-routing technology keeping the costs down, even if messages are sent from abroad.

Critical to the new feature is the ability for compliance managers to search messages for keywords when reconstructing cases to meet regulatory criteria.

Compliance managers can also set up alerts which are triggered when messages with keywords are sent between users ensuring that organisations are compliant with the strictest financial regulations including MiFID II – which comes into force in January 2018.

VENNCOMM TALK chat has been specifically designed to act like the messaging tool on the user’s device, so there is nothing new to learn or understand.

Drive your BYOD User numbers up while complying with the latest regulatory requirements and least cost routing all your employee’s (mobile international, domestic and conference) calls without changing any existing mobile contracts or infrastructure.

VENNCOMM TALK is one of the world’s leading MiFID II compliant, Mobile Voice & IM & file sharing platforms, offering technology departments a cost efficient BYOD policy and significant capex savings as the organisation will no longer be required to purchase expensive handsets for each employee.

All of this is possible whilst also providing compliance departments a way to solve forthcoming regulatory hurdles in a fast efficient way.  VENNCOMM TALK IM deploys as an OTT app inside the pre-eminent Regulated Enterprise MDM Software on both corporate owned and BYOD Mobiles.