How BYOD Can Help Increase Productivity

Mobile technology is powerful but like most personal technologies it has become a lever for corporate profitability rather than a lever for reducing employee stress and working hours.

BYOD is great for corporations; it reduces capex; assures biennial technology renewal cycles and makes it easy to reach into employee’s personal time for work reasons.

Employees must then claim mobile expenses by painstaking filling in of forms and waiting for them to be processed –  meanwhile enhancing their employer’s cash flow.

Downsides for the corporation are 3-fold. Control of the device, its uses and its security. Reduction of mobile call charge reimbursement costs. Compliance, with mobile call & other comms apps recording regulations.

If bi-lateral benefits can be optimised a healthy balance of employer/employee benefits can be found with huge economies of scale in call costs, reductions in training & compliance wastage, and powerful user satisfaction & productivity enhancements.

Who will find a way to optimise these benefits first. The MNO’s, independent quick thinking App Developers, or Mobile Device Management companies?


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